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How We Work

Keystone Analytics’ Process

Our process start with a no obligation meeting to obtain a clear understanding of your idea, and its economic value relative to your business strategy and operational readiness. Upon that understanding we assist you and your team to identify the barriers and opportunities to your success then establish the plan to remove those barriers and/or secure those opportunities, implement, measure, and adjust to achieve the solutions.

Producing the necessary data is important; understanding and interpreting the data is essential; clear predictive execution is a must. We connect your data and decision making to your strategy by providing you with cost-effective tools, processes, strategy and coaching to realize your opportunities.

Our SixStep Program:

  • Business model review: We evaluate your business model to understand the different ways that you get your product/service to your customers.
  • Business Framework Analysis: We analyze the frameworks because that get your product or service to your customers efficiently. Frameworks are as critical to your success as your business model.
  • Change Readiness Preparation: We gauge your business culture’s capabilities, skills, and mindset to implement the necessary changes.
  • Data Availability and Alignment: We review the data to ensure that it is positioned to support your company’s objectives. Data availability and alignment are the first steps in developing meaningful insights for your business.
  • Implementation: We develop the roadmap to seize the opportunities quickly and sustainably. A solid well-thought-out roadmap can make all the difference between success and failure.
    Do not underestimate the importance of this step.
  • Coaching:  This allows us to move through the whole cycle. Stopping at set 5 suggests we only do roadmaps.
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