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At Keystone Analytics, we improve on what you already do well.

We’re motivated by the success we’re able to bring our clients by exploring new opportunities through data.

At Keystone Analytics, we believe that there’s never a wrong time to take a closer look at what can be improved. We’ve worked with clients around the world. Across dozens of industries and companies that range in size, scope and maturity, we’ve found a few things to be true each time:

  • Continuous improvement is the difference between success and failure
  • There’s never a point of “good enough” in a competitive marketplace
  • Improving on best practices has impacts not just on your future, but your community and industry as a whole

We’re in this line of work because we believe in exploring all the possibilities – not just the ones that are tried and true. If that sounds like you as well, then let’s get to work. 

Our Values


We continuously strive for improvement upon what works to support our customers as they move into a fast-paced and competitive future.


We believe that success is built on meeting challenges directly and continuing to work towards solutions with integrity, even when issues arise.


We understand that our customers need solutions that are tailored to their unique challenges, and we work from a place of collaboration and listening to better understand their goals.

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Why do data-based strategies do better?

At Keystone Analytics, we develop strategies to improve your operations, help you hit your KPIs, reduce resource waste and mismanagement and gain a competitive edge in your industry. What makes us different from other consulting firms is that we don’t just use our experience and qualitative research to develop successful strategies. We let your data tell us the story first. 

Data tells the real story

Creating strategies based on hunches, even good ones, will never be as effective as looking closely at the key indicators in your data. Projecting a successful future requires a deep and nuanced analysis of past metrics. Until you dig deep into the numbers, you can’t get the full picture and you’re working with limited information. Data helps to catch things that are easy to miss in daily operations. 

Data gives you leverage

Well-managed data is an asset that can be leveraged into profit and solutions, even without drastic changes to the way your team currently operates. Small changes can make an enormous impact, but you need to understand which changes are worth making for the advantage they offer. We can help turn the investment you’ve made into data into the asset you’ve been missing.

Data-based strategies will become the norm

As we continue to move towards a world that is increasingly run on AI and automated technology, data-based strategies will become the standard rather than a cutting edge innovation. This is an incredible time to take advantage of the emerging trend and rise head and shoulders above competition that may take several years to catch up. By that time, your growth can push you into a new tier of competition. 

Data provides grounded rationale

As a leader, your job likely includes preparing and defending strategic changes to your team. With diverse backgrounds and experiences in the same room, it can be hard to find a consensus. Data offers clear and solid rationale to proposed strategies, helping you and your team come together to look at metrics that can make real and measurable change on your KPIs. Relying on solid data ensures success for you as well as your company.

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